Rocky Mountain National Park - Part A

Elk Meadow Lodge and RV Resort - Estes Park, Colorado - Altitude: 7,786 feet.
August 13-15
2007 Fall Trip - 10 days and 1,707 miles into trip

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We changed our reservation from the Estes Park KOA to this campground.
It has much larger sites and a better view. It also has a nice looking heated pool,
but we were too busy in the NP to use it. Maybe next time.

The GPS router and software which I have on the laptop also gives us the altitude.
So I now have a good measurment of altitude of each of our campsites.

Our site on the only day with no clouds.

You never know what you will see in a campground.
This is a stock 1936 Cadillac pulling an old mobile home.
It is passing a new million dollar motorhome.
That's the Elk Meadow Lodge in the background.

It's all set up on the site.
Notice the entrance door on the wrong side of the trailer.

This ground squirrel is living in a hole under our picnic table.
They are all over the area.

The campsite is at 7,786 feet above sea level.
You can see how the air in potatoe chip bags expanded.
When we left here and headed for our next campground,
we had to pass over a 11,992 foot pass. The green Lays bag burst!

One of the sights near our campground.

A chipmunk came over to welcome us to Rocky Mountain NP.
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