Rocky Mountain National Park
Part B - Old Fall River Road

Elk Meadow Lodge and RV Resort - Estes Park, Colorado - Altitude: 7,786 feet.
August 13-15
2007 Fall Trip - 10 days and 1,707 miles into trip

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Our last time visiting Rocky Mountain National Park was July 24-25, 1975.
It is still very beautiful, but three major changes are noticed.

(1) In 1975 there were 2 or 3 small glaciers. Now there are none.

(2) In 1975 there were many large pockets of snow at the higher elevations.
Now there are only a few very small pockets and none that you can drive through.

You older guys will remember in 1975 the Old Fall River Road was cut through
a snow pack which was over 12 feet high. Itís where we stopped and were playing
around on top of the snow. Then Frank fell off the edge and onto the side of the road,
breaking his foot. He had to continue the vacation with a foot cast. Well thatís one thing
we will not have to worry about - no snow pack to drive through.

(3) The park is extremely busy. Trailhead parking is always full and the trails are crowded.
The result is you do not get to see any wildlife. One thing the NP service should address
is the yearly pass good for only one park. It is mainly purchased by locals who use the
park almost every week. It should not be used during high peak season.

Driving on the winding and climbing Old Fall River Road.

One of the many sights of the Fall River.

This time of year it rains almost every afternoon.
The rain is back down the valley, which is near our campground.
The sun is shining in this part of the National Park.

This is one of many short hikes along the Old Fall River Road.

The treeline is around 11,400 feet in this part of the Rockies.
This is the area where the snow pack was that Frank broke his foot.
When we get home, I'll have to look at the old pictures to see the difference.
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