Rocky Mountain National Park
Part C - Trail Ridge Road

Elk Meadow Lodge and RV Resort - Estes Park, Colorado - Altitude: 7,786 feet.
August 13-15
2007 Fall Trip - 10 days and 1,707 miles into trip

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Trail Ridge Road is the highest major highway in North America.
It tops out at 12,183 feet.
This year there is a lot of road work going on, which cause one lane sections.
When you have a beautiful view, you donít mind waiting for the flagman.

The 12,183 foot highest point in the highway.
It is also the start of some road work.

Stopped, waiting for on coming traffic to stop so we can continue.

Getting ready to start on a short hike.
This Magpie wanted its picture taken and would not move.

When you above 12,000 feet you do not have to walk very far up hill
to get tired!

Reading some of the intersting facts about the area.

We never get tired looking at these mountains.

Elk feeding down in the valley.
I had to set my camera on a rock to take this X12 optical shot.
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