Rocky Mountain National Park
Part E - Hiking around some lakes.

Elk Meadow Lodge and RV Resort - Estes Park, Colorado - Altitude: 7,786 feet.
August 13-15
2007 Fall Trip - 10 days and 1,707 miles into trip

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There are several easy trails around lakes in the national park.
We ended our stay here hiking on two of them.

Hiking around Sprague Lake.

There are several places to rest and just take in the views.
And thank God that we were able to see this.

We wish you all could be here with us.
Thats Mom on the bridgeat Sprague Lake.

Starting our hike around Lily Lake.
Note the rain storm behind and to the left of the mountian.
It is heading our way!

Every now and then you can see lightning.
I hope we make it around the lake before the rain starts.

This Chipmunk is wondering why we are not running for cover.

Now he is looking at Mom.
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