Capitol Reef National Park
Part A - The Campground

Thousand Lakes RV Park - Torrey, Utah - Altitude: 6,822 Feet
August 18-22
2007 Fall Trip - 17 days and 2,291 miles into trip

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We really looked forward to returning to this campground and Capitol Reef National Park. We were just here last year but really liked it for its views, lack of crowds, friendly campground staff, and the peace and quiet. You can go back to last years trip on the WebSite and see the various hikes Mom and I did. Some were long and some short. All were breath taking. (no pun intended).

This year we only did short hikes, drives, and liked lazing around the campground.
I did one “Strenuous” rated hike which you can see in the next two parts.

One thing to note. Over the past 5 years, almost all of the private campgrounds have gone from no WiFi to free WiFi. Even in remote areas where there is no cell phone service you have free WiFi.

The satellite dish on the motorhome broke so we bought a ground mounted one from Camping World in Denver. Several of the campgrounds which we are staying at are too remote to have TV reception or cable. So I am learning the fine art of manually looking for satellite W119.

We were lucky enough to get the same campsite as last year.
It is on the end of a row and has a great view.
I have the satellite dish mounted on the picnic table.

The site also has a nice grassy area where we set out the lounge chairs and read in the shade of the tree. (Thats after a hard day swimming in the heated pool or hiking.)

During the day the pool is usually vacant.
This woman and son come here from town to use the pool. She helps the owner from time to time. She and her husband are full time National Park Rangers and live in Torrey the year around. They were very interesting to talk with and recommended a better road to our next stop, Bryce Canyon.

That's our site in the background.

This is the view from our lounge chairs.
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