Capitol Reef National Park
Part B - Going Up Chimney Rock Trail

Thousand Lakes RV Park - Torrey, Utah - Altitude: 6,822 Feet
August 18-22
2007 Fall Trip - 17 days and 2,291 miles into trip

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Last year every time we passed the trail head and the Chimney Rock, I kept thinking that the trail would be interesting and fun. I knew that the climb would be too much for Mom and decided that we had too many other trails to select from. So I figured some day we would come back and I would tackle it myself.

Today is the day. It is in the mid 90s, sunny, and a light breeze. The typical warning sign about water, footwear, sharp drop-offs, and no shade was posted at the start of the trail. So when I went to take my walking cane out of the trunk I saw Zacs U of Buffalo umbrella laying under the lounge chairs. I decided to take that along. It was a blessing. The trail is 3.5 miles and very steep for the first mile and like the sign stated, no shade.

That's Chimney Rock standing in front to the mountain.
The trailhead is down in the valley just past the rise in the road.

The trail's switchbacks head up through the gray area and up to the right.

I'm at the traihead.
The camera is setting on the Saturn.

I'm about level with the Chimney.

Can you see the parking loop at the trailhead in the center of the picture?

This is what a X12 optical zoom can do.
Usually there are 3 or 4 cars here with hikers on the trail.
Today I am all alone.

Time for a rest. My back is soaked from being covered with the day pack.
This was the only shade on the trail.
The warning sign lied! (The sign said no shade!)
You can just make out the road below. It is coming out of my head!

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