Capitol Reef National Park
Part C - On Top of Chimney Rock Trail

Thousand Lakes RV Park - Torrey, Utah - Altitude: 6,822 Feet
August 18-22
2007 Fall Trip - 17 days and 2,291 miles into trip

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The view from the top was great each way you looked.
Unfortunately there was haze in the air from forest fires 200 miles away.

State Route 24 heading east toward Torrey and the campground.
The trailhead is down at the bottom somewhere.

Looking South. - The long snaking dirt road heading away is the road to Sunset Point trailhead. That's where Mom and I hiked last year and took the picture which we put on the Christmas card. You can barley make out the Sulfur River Canyon at the end of the dirt road.

Looking East.
The Park's visitors center and fruit orchards down in the valley.

Looking North East.
The red cliffs are the "Reef" part of the park.
The tan dome looking peaks are the "Capitol" part of the park.

Heading back down to the car.
That's the top of the Chimney behind me.
And State Route 24 heading to the campground.
The campground pool will feel great!
Come to think of it, while I'm sweating here, Mom is probably in the pool!
She is also getting a perm in the campground salon this afternoon!
(A rustic 1 chair, 1 sink operation. Reservations only.)
And we have a Western BBQ tonight at the campground.
Boy this trip is rough!!!

There are 3 other cars in the parking lot.
I thought I would see other hikers.
Several started but turned around. No hikers today.

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