Bryce Canyon National Park - Part A

Bryce Valley KOA - Cannonville, Utah, Altitude: 5,921 ft.
August 23-25
2007 Fall Trip - 20 days and 2,435 miles into trip

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The road from Capitol Reef to Bryce is hilly and very arid. We had to pass over a couple of 8,500+ foot passes. There were several nice narrow canyons where the road was along side a flowing stream. Iím not sure where the water came from but it was very clear and inviting.

The campground we selected is located 12 miles from the road into Bryce NP.
It is up a very dry and hot canyon.

The last time we were at Bryce National Park was in 1987. At that time, we were staying at Lake Powell and made a day trip to Bryce. Our stay was cut short. We developed transmission problems and had to head for civilization to find a Chevy dealer.

The campground is in a narrow canyon with vertical walls on both sides.
Most campers only came in the evening and left in the morning.
We were one of the few who stayed 3 nights.

We enjoyed the pool after hiking at Bryce Canyon NP.

HooDoo formations on the road from the campground to Bryce.

Looking east from the ridge at Bryce NP.
Our campground is in the valley on the other side of that colorful mountain.

One of the many overlooks.
Today we are just going to view from the rim.
Tomorrow we head down on the trail to Queens Garden.

You never get tired of the view.
One thing we used to do was look at a formation and try to visualize what it looks like. Like a Rorschach test.

Zoomed in on a formation. What do you see?
A head of a dog or pig?
Mom thinks it looks like a person is a space suit!
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