Bryce Canyon National Park - Part C
Queens Garden Trail - Part 2

Bryce Valley KOA - Cannonville, Utah, Altitude: 5,921 ft.
August 23-25
2007 Fall Trip - 20 days and 2,435 miles into trip

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The hike down into Queens Garden, although with sharp dropoff’s on either side of the trail, was easy-moderate. We stopped a lot to view the sights and take pictures. It was hard to decided which pictures to show here.

Hiking up we stopped a lot to catch our breath, rest, and drink water. It rained in the distance but not near us.

Mom at one of the rest stops on the way down.

She is looking for the elevator.

Queens Garden.

Queen Victoria sitting on her throne.

When you look up, you wonder if any of the rocks will fall.

Gee, I thought this was the elevator!

On the long hike up the trail.
There are many French and German's hiking today.

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