Grand Canyon National Park - North Rim - Part A

North Rim Campground - Grand Canyon NP, AZ, Altitude: 8,275 ft.
August 26-28
2007 Fall Trip - 23 days and 2,602 miles into trip

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Mom and I visited the Grand Canyon South Rim in ‘58, ‘61, ‘75, and ‘87.
This is our first trip to the North Rim. We were surprised at how different it was and very glad that we took the time to stop here. It is almost a different National Park from the South Rim.

The canyons in what they call “The Grand Circle” (Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, and Grand Canyon) are each very unique and different from any other place in the US and probably the world. Out of the group Capitol Reef is by far the least visited because it is so far off the beaten path. I guess that is why we like it so much. To really appreciate either of these parks will require a 3 or 4 day visit. Assuming you want to do more than be a “Rim Sitter!” (Mom’s term for not going down into the canyon to explore.)

The north rim is about 1,400 feet above the south rim and 12 miles away. Therefore the ecology is quite different on the north rim. The trees are much taller, they are Ponderosa pine and not scrub pine, and there are dense forests and large meadows. It is also about 15 degrees cooler.

There is only one campground at the North Rim. The sites have no services (what we call dry camping) and they are shoehorned between large trees. The campground is operated by the National Park and is very clean. It is also right on the edge of a side canyon, The Transept.

Getting ready to go for a hike. Note the jackets.
In a few days, when we get to the South Rim we will be wishing it was cooler.

With all the trees it was hard to find an opening for the satellite dish.
I had to use all of my 75 feet of cable. We did have a large campsite.

About 200 yards from our site was overlooks into The Transept.

Mom is not sure how close to get to the edge.
The trees below are about 250 feet down on a ledge.

Once you get use to the height it is great.

We are not the only ones enjoying the sights.
This couple from the campground is on the next viewpoint north.

This fellow is on the next viewpoint south.
I had to zoom in on him.
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