Grand Canyon National Park - North Rim - Part B

North Rim Campground - Grand Canyon NP, AZ, Altitude: 8,275 ft.
August 26-28
2007 Fall Trip - 23 days and 2,602 miles into trip

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We attended a ranger talk about the California Condor.
They also talked about the Turkey Vulture and the Raven.
It was very interesting and informative.
The condor has a 9.5' wingspan and stands over 4 feet high.

We spent a lot of time just sitting and listening to the quiet.
In the center of the picture is a black spec which is a Turkey Vulture
soaring in the updrafts. Its heading our way.

Turkey Vulture soaring high over our head.

You can see the trees on the canyon wall going a long way down.
The south rim has no trees on the canyon walls.

They have some huge Ravens here!
When we got back to our campsite, we noticed a couple of ravens working on a styrofoam cooler at the next campsite. They are very smart and know that food is inside this type of box.

This is what is left of the cooler after I chased the ravens away. The top was cut in half and the sides opened up. Styrofoam pieces and food wrappers are laying all around the table, bench, and ground.

The Silver Ghost of the Forest.- The Tassel-Eared Squirrel
These white tailed squirrels are named for the 1-2 inch tufts of fur that grow on their ears in the winter to protect the ear from the cold.

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