Grand Canyon National Park - North Rim - Part C

North Rim Campground - Grand Canyon NP, AZ, Altitude: 8,275 ft.
August 26-28
2007 Fall Trip - 23 days and 2,602 miles into trip

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A short (0.5 mi.) but interesting trail leaves the Grand Canyon Lodge and heads out to Bright Angel Point. We did it twice, the first day was cloudy and rain over the south rim and the pictures were not the best.

Bright Angel Point is on a peninsula which sticks out into Bright Angel canyon. The peninsula has The Transept on the west and Roaring Springs Canyon on the east. Bright Angel Canyon starts on the north rim and runs diagonal across the Colorado river and ends at the Bright Angel Lodge on the south rim. Now that I confused you, the important thing is that on a clear day you should see the Bright Angel Lodge by sighting down the canyon from Bright Angel Point. Due to clouds and rain we could never see that point on the south rim.

Near the start of the Bright Angel Point Trail.
The day started out cold with rain in the forcast.

Once the clouds left the north rim the sun heated up the trail.
Thats the south rim in the clouds.

The point overlook is just on the other side of that pile of rocks.
It feels too good to sit here in the sun and rest!

Just pull up a rock and sit or lay down,
and enjoy the view and the quiet.

It was cold this morning but now its hot in the sun with almost no breeze.
So the shade feels good.

Its all rain and clouds on the south rim. Its been that way for two days.
Glad we are on this side of the Grand Canyon!

The view from Bright Angel Point.
Its cloudy over the south rim (12 miles away) but no rain today.

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