Grand Canyon National Park - North Rim - Part D

North Rim Campground - Grand Canyon NP, AZ, Altitude: 8,275 ft.
August 26-28
2007 Fall Trip - 23 days and 2,602 miles into trip

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Now whenever we see one of the "Great Lodges of the National Parks" we make a reservation for dinner. We now realize that we have missed about half of these lodges which were in parks we visited before. Our plans for next year -- We will try to eat at all of the Great Lodges we missed. So we will be heading back to the National Park circuit again next year.

The Grand Canyon Lodge is located at the North Rim. We spent a lot of time just sitting and looking out at the view from its balconies.

One other viewpoint we wanted to visit was Cape Royal. It is a 23 mile drive from the north rim visitors center and suppose to be the best view from the north rim. We headed over to see the view and after 8 miles there was a road block. The forestry service was cutting a firebreak on each side of the road and had trees laying over the road. There was also a small fire burning. So we had to forget Cape Royal and head for another viewpoint, Point Imperial. Point Imperial is the highest viewpoint in the Grand Canyon National Park at 8,803 feet.

The sunroom at the Grand Canyon Lodge.
We spent time here when it rained or after a hike to rest.

The air conditioning feels good today.

Having diner at the Lodge.

We always try for a window table.

Point Imperial.
Thats Mom with the green jacket and white strap canteen.

It is a great view but a little hazy from the fire.

The view is better than it looks here. The camera doesn’t work to well when in the shade of a cloud and the bright sun is in the background.

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