Grand Canyon National Park - South Rim - Part A

Trailer Village - Grand Canyon NP, AZ, Altitude: 7,005 ft.
August 29-31
2007 Fall Trip - 26 days and 2,816 miles into trip

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The drive from the North Rim to the South Rim was very scenic while on US 89A. We left the North Rim Entrance station at 8,812 feet and drove down through a Navajo Indian reservation in Marble Canyon and crossed the Colorado river on the Navajo Bridge at 3,051 feet. After we connected with US 89 it became a drab trip and a climb back up to 7,000 feet. It was a nice sunny but hot day for the trip.

Crossing over the Colorado River on the Navajo bridge.

Our campsite at the Trailer Village.
We have full hookups and good satellite signal.

The El Tovar.- One of the "Great Lodges."
Viewed from the west rim.

Inside the El Tovar, waiting to go in for dinner.
We ate here with the kids in 1987.

The rising Full Moon over Mather Point.
One of the good things about camping in the NP is being able to easily attend the ranger talks. We are waiting for a talk to start about the moon and how it was used by various cultures from before Christ to modern times. This talk is given the nights around every full moon. Notice the moon rising up over the rangers head.

The wind picked up and the temperature dropped during the talk.

This group of kids are on a tour. They have to keep the bags over their heads until they reach the canyon viewpoint. With all the laughing and joking they stopped traffic for a couple of minutes while they crossed the main road.

A Mule Deer eating along side the road.
They are not afraid of us, usually are looking for a handout.

This elk was eating the grass in front of the El Tovar the night we ate there.
My battries were too low for the flash to work!

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