Grand Canyon National Park - South Rim - Part B
The Bright Angel Trail

Trailer Village - Grand Canyon NP, AZ, Altitude: 7,005 ft.
August 29-31
2007 Fall Trip - 26 days and 2,816 miles into trip

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This part is for the guys who came on our 1987 trip. I hope they remember this trail and the fun(?) we had going down and then back up. We left around sunrise and got back just before sunset. It was about 11 hours of hot, dry, and dusty hiking! Iím sure it is one thing we will never forget. We also talked about coming back to do the "rim to rim." I hope one day that you will bring your family here and give it a try. Mom and I will be on the rim cheering you on!

The start of the Bright Angel Trail.
7,120 feet above sea level.

Looking down from above.
Indian Garden is the green patch in the center.
3,360 feet below the rim.

Switchbacks and more Switchbacks, and we are just started!
You can't see the first part of the trail from the top.
These are the switchbacks after you pass through the three bridges and the warning sign "do not continue unless you have proper footwear and water."

More of the switchbacks.
You can see Mile-and-a-Half Resthouse in the top right.
Three-Mile Resthouse is harder to see. It is on the last jagged peak down and to the left.

Mile-and-a-Half Resthouse - This looks like a new resthouse.
The old one was made of all stone.
I think the area to the left is where the old one sat.

Three-Mile Resthouse
I did not optical zoom in on this one. So this is just digital zoom.

Indian Garden. - Those are tall trees, not bushes.
We ate our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches here.
We also had a good laugh watching the people get off of the mules.
You can see the rangers cabins and the emergency helicopter pad.

Another view from the top.
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