Grand Canyon National Park - South Rim - Part C
The Bright Angel Canyon

Trailer Village - Grand Canyon NP, AZ, Altitude: 7,005 ft.
August 29-31
2007 Fall Trip - 26 days and 2,816 miles into trip

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As I mentioned earlier, the Bright Angel Canyon starts on the North Rim and angles south across Colorado river and ends on the South Rim near the Bright Angel Lodge. North of the river the Kaibab Trail passes through the Phantom Ranch and continues through the Bright Angel Canyon to the North Rim.

Viewed from the South Rim.
Bright Angel Trail in the foreground passing through Indian Garden 3,360 feet down.
The Colorado river passes right to left through the Granite Gorge, 4,700 feet down.
The Bright Angel Canyon continues on up to the North Rim.
The North Rim Lodge on top of the North Rim. 11.5 miles away and 1,205 feet up.

The Bright Angel Canyon leaving the Colorado river and heading up the north rim.

Zoomed in x12 optical to the north rim from the south rim 11.5 miles away.
You can see the Lodge and the view point we hiked out to while at the north rim.

Added some digital zoom. Now you can see the lodge and point better.

It is a cloudy day. The Phantom Ranch is the green patch
the Kaibab bridge is over the brown river toward the right.

The Kaibab suspenshion bridge over the river. The river flows from the right, under the bridge, then down below the cliffs in the foreground.
The light blue specs on the left of the river are two rafts beached on the shore.
The rafters hike up on the bridge to take pictures and then back to the Phantom Ranch for lunch.

The Phantom Ranch along side the Bright Angel river.
You have to make reservations to stay here.
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