Grand Canyon National Park - South Rim - Part D
Touring the West Rim - Part 1

Trailer Village - Grand Canyon NP, AZ, Altitude: 7,005 ft.
August 29-31
2007 Fall Trip - 26 days and 2,816 miles into trip

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The West Rim actually is the West part of the South Rim.
You can not drive on the West Rim. You have to take a shuttle bus which leaves every 12 13 minutes this time of year. It stops at each overlook. You get off and then catch the next shuttle after you view the overlook. Or you can hike the rim trail to the next overlook. We did both.

Hiking on the West Rim Trail.
Mom wonders why we are not waiting for the shuttle!

Because we see better views from the trail.
The shuttle travels on a road with trees blocking the views.

The views from the overlooks and trail are great.
You have to take the time to really look.

This was the last viewpoint we hiked from.

When you look up you even see a view.
A Turkey Vulture just soaring (floating) in the updraft.

When hiking on the rim trail you do not get much chance shade.
So when it is 93 degrees and sunny you sit in the shade when available.

Hiking out to Powell Point overlook.
They have a memorial here to John Wesley Powell, the first explorer to descend the river through the Grand Canyon. He descended it in 1869 then again in 1872.
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