Grand Canyon National Park - South Rim - Part E
Touring the West Rim - Part 2

Trailer Village - Grand Canyon NP, AZ, Altitude: 7,005 ft.
August 29-31
2007 Fall Trip - 26 days and 2,816 miles into trip

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Continuing on the West Rim.

Some sights are better viewed using binoculars.

Looking down from this viewpoint
you can see two sections of the Colorado river and rapids.

Due to the recent rains, it looks more like a chocolate river.

Those rapids are about 4 miles away. So I'm sure they are very rough.

While we were looking down at the rapids,
we saw this guy looking at us waiting for a handout.

Hermits Rest is the last shuttle stop before turning around and heading back.
It's a place to sit down and rest in a small Park Visitors center.

Resting in the Hermits Rest Visitors center after shopping in the store.

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