Tucson, Arizona - Part A

Voyager RV Resort, Tucson, AZ, Altitude: 2,821 ft.
September 2-11
2007 Fall Trip - 37 days and 3,177 miles into trip

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Mom and I first stopped here last year and we really liked the peace and quiet of a very nice resort. In fact we like it so much we decided to stay for 10 nights.

The temperature was 100 to 103 degrees every day, humidity never above 18%. This is their monsoon season, which means it rains every afternoon for about 10 minutes. Which is not bad when you can see the storm coming miles away.

Due to the scarcity of water, the transient sites are on cinders and have no plants.

Being here in the off season is great.

They have a 9 hole miniature golf and a very large 9 hole putting green.
Just walk up and pick up a club and ball from the rack and play.

Here comes a monsoon. Notice how narrow it is.
It missed us. We only got a few drops.

This is 5 days later. We only got a little sprinkle but a nice rainbow.

As the sun sets the rain reflects the color.

The cloud patterns really make for a nice sunset.
Mom looked out the window and saw what looked like an angel wing.
She said our Guardian Angel must be resting on top of the motor home!
(A very well deserved rest!)
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