Tombstone, Arizona

Tombstone Territories RV Park, AZ, Altitude: 4,022 ft.
September 12
2007 Fall Trip - 38 days and 3,237 miles into trip

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Last year we passed by Tombstone. I always liked the movie “Gunfight at OK Corral” with Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas. So this time we decided to take an extra day and the 30 mile side trip to Tombstone.

We got to see the actual gunfight scene, a skit showing what led up to the gun fight, a version of the gun fight, and what happened after the gun fight. We received a copy of “The Tombstone Epitaph” which has a summary of the testimony given during the 30 day trial which followed the gun fight. The trial ended by finding Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday innocent of murder. But after reading the newspaper I really question the verdict. It seems that the town was divided in half. Half liked the Earps and half like the “cowboys” (Clanton brothers and McLaury brothers). The witnesses contradicted each other.

The gunfight was in a vacant lot behind the OK Corral and all parties were in very short range, only about 15 feet apart. Nothing like the movie!

The front of the OK Corral and the actual buildings connected to it.
The gunfight was in a vacant lot behind it.

Big Nose Kate's Saloon.
Kate was Doc Holliday's girlfriend.

Gunfight Site.
The mannequins are standing in the positions where most of the witnesses say they were at the start of the gunfight. Some say that the Earps came into the lot with their guns already drawn.

The skit showing what happened the night before the gunfight.

The gunfight only lasted about 20 seconds.
Bill Clanton, Frank and Tom McLowry died. Virgil and Morgan Earp wounded. Ike Clanton, who was unarmed, ran away with his hands up. It is ironic, Ike was the one who started the trouble the night before.

Another look at the actual site. The movie was better!

You can't go into the graveyard without passing through the gift shop.

Boothill graves of the McLaurys and Bill Clanton.

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