White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico - Part B

September 14
2007 Fall Trip - 40 days and 3,692 miles into trip

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More pictures from the museum.
The Navy built a mock-up of a ship to test various guns and launchers.
They call it the LLS Desert Ship.

A 5" gun mount from the Desert Ship.
They tested various "smart" 5" projectiles and also used it to launch rockets.

A one of a kind missile launcher from the Desert Ship.
It holds a Terrier Extended Range Missile on itís right arm.
And a Tarter Medium Range Missile on itís left arm.
It was last used in November 1997.

Some of the missiles tested at White Sands.

An early transportable missile launcher.

Flying Saucer????
This was an actual project. To test the capability of soft landing on Mars without tipping over. When tested people reported seeing flying saucer.

One of the captured German V2 rockets. Many V2's and parts for V2's were captured after WWII. They were brought here to White Sands disassembled and reassembled and then launched.
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