Melbourne Beach, Florida
Outdoor Resorts of America
Part A - Relaxing at the resort

October 3 - November 7, 2007
2007 Fall Trip - 94 days and 5,783 miles into trip

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Boy, its been a long time since I updated this WebSite.
We left White Sands National Monument Sept. 14 and have not updated since then.

All the while we were in Arizona and Utah we were in contact with Connie at Outdoor Resorts. They were behind on resurfacing the resort roads and no renters were allowed in. So we took our time heading east. We went slightly out of the way to San Antonio and spent two days in the KOA pool and also going to 2 of our favorite Tex-Mex restaurants. (We have seen enough of River Walk and the Alamo)

When we were in a campground just east of Houston we met a couple heading west. They told us about a new and very good campground next to the French Quarter in New Orleans. So we were going to head there. Well it turns out that a tropical depression in the northern gulf turned into a tropical storm and was heading that way. So we decided to head passed the Florida panhandle ASAP.

We spent 4 days looking at motor homes at, Lazydays RV, the worlds largest RV dealer in Tampa. Decided we already had what we wanted and left for Fort Myers Beach for 7 days. Finally got a call from Connie that the road to our campsite was paved and we should come in.

Sept-Oct is the rainy season at Melbourne Beach. We had high winds and quick monsoon rains every afternoon for 3 weeks. Then hurricane Noel passed by and we got more wind and rain!

Great White Heron
Walking through our site looking for a snack.

Watching some of the resort's roads being paved.
A new drainage system was also put in along with more palm trees and plants.

Charlotte and Stan came to visit after their cruise.
(While we were on the Gulf coast they were up north.
When they came back south the went on a cruise.)
While on their 10 day cruise they had some rough weather
and missed a couple ports and tours. It was their first cruise.

The resort's barber.
He is from Tennessee and enjoys wearing the bib overalls.
The vacuum hose connected to the clippers collects the cut hair as he cuts.

The Space Shuttle Discovery being launched at Cape Kennedy.
We go up to Cocoa Beach to watch the launchs. We receive NASA’s cable channel at the resort. So we watched the docking, undocking and work going on at the International Space Station every day.

The high winds from Noel caused the water in the Indian River to back up.
This dock is usually 2 feet above the water.

We had a huge downpour just before sunset.
It caused this red glow in the resort.

We try to view every sunset.
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