Melbourne Beach, Florida
Outdoor Resorts of America
Part B - Lunch on the beach?

October 3 - November 7, 2007
2007 Fall Trip - 94 days and 5,783 miles into trip

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Besides walking, we spend a good 2 hours sitting on the beach every day. We plan to read but end up spending most of our time looking at the ocean and the birds.
It seems we never get tired of sitting on the beach and thinking of nothing.

I'm just coming back from my walk and Mom was surrounded by sandpipers having lunch. She did not get any reading done because the surf and sandpipers were so interesting. It was a very windy day, tropical storm Noel passed several days ago and these waves are the remains.

Sanderling Sandpiper
When you have a short beak you have to get your face wet.

Sanderling Sandpiper
It took about 30 pokes with the beak to catch this delicate morsel.

Least Sandpiper.
Looking for lunch.

Least Sandpiper.
He found some scraps on this shell.

Longer beaks and legs allow them to dig deeper sand and water.

They swallow the crab whole.

Two Willets fighting over territory.
The Sanderling is running away.

One of them is getting the upper hand.
It came down right on top of the other one.

The looser gets chased away.

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