Melbourne Beach, Florida
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Part C - Lunch on the beach? part 2.

October 3 - November 7, 2007
2007 Fall Trip - 94 days and 5,783 miles into trip

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American Oystercatcher
Last year was the first time we saw an Oystercatcher. Our bird book says that it normally does not come this far south. This year we have seen many more. I guess they are moving south. This one has been tagged. I would like to call whoever tagged it to tell them about the sighting. Anyone know who to call?

Whenever an Oystercatcher would catch a crab the Least Sandpiper would run over to try and get some of the scrap. Other sandpipers would chase it away but the Oystercatcher dosent seem to mind.

White Ibis
Now this is a long beak!

White Ibis
Anyone have any cocktail sauce?

He caught a small Hammerhead Shark.
The little girls wanted to touch it.

They were getting ready to clean it.
They said that Hammerhead steaks are very good to eat.

These two fishermen caught these Red Fish about 1 minute apart and they were fishing about 25 yards apart. I was walking up as the larger one was pulled in and the first one was being taken off the hook.
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