Melbourne Beach, Florida
Outdoor Resorts of America
Part D - Osprey having lunch.

October 3 - November 7, 2007
2007 Fall Trip - 94 days and 5,783 miles into trip

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As we did last spring, we still had a good time watching the two Osprey nests from our motorhome. Donít worry, I wonít bore you with more of the same from last spring.

This time I got some great shots while walking on the beach. I wish I could have kept my camera in my hand. But the salt breeze would kill the camera. So I kept it in the case until I knew there was a shot to take. Too many times the scene was over before I got the camera out.

Cruising about 50 feet above the beach, at the waters edge, looking for fish in the ocean. When it sees a fish it glides out over the water then dives head first.

At about 15-20 feet it swings itís talons around and enters the water
talon first to grab its prey. It almost completely submerges itself.

This time only one talon grabbed the fish. Osprey do not eat on the beach.
They head for the nest as soon as they make their catch.
I guess they prefer "takeout.Ē

This one caught with both talons.

Heading for home.

Nothing like fresh Sushi!

I guess they do not share with the mate.
Notice the fish tail under the one on the left?
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