Melbourne Beach, Florida
Outdoor Resorts of America
Part E - Turkey Vulture looking for lunch.

October 3 - November 7, 2007
2007 Fall Trip - 94 days and 5,783 miles into trip

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When we were at the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, we attended a very good 1 hour presentation about the California Condor. The National Park is bringing the Condor back from almost extinction in this part of the US. During that talk the ranger also talked about the Turkey Vulture and the Raven. We learned a lot about all three birds.

We never noticed the Turkey Vulture here at Outdoor Resorts.
Maybe we did but thought it was an Osprey!

A turkey Vulture circling high over our site.
It's reddish/purple head doesn’t have any feathers.

There was a high wind and the as it passed next to the Ebb Tide condo it created an updraft. Several Turkey Vultures started gliding in circles and others seemed to come from all over. The next thing we new there were about 50-60 vultures flying in circles in the updraft. This picture was only part of the flock.

Cruising over the beach, looking for food.
They only eat dead animals and fish. Fishermen clean the fish, which they catch, on the beach. Then throw the scraps into the ocean for other fish to eat. Some times scraps are accidentally dropped on the beach. Also, if they see a vulture around they will throw some on the sand to feed it. So the vultures tend to keep the area clean.

Coming in for a landing on the beach and some lunch.

He got spooked and is now coming in for another try.

Houston we have touch down.

Walking over for a fish lunch.

The fish scrap is between him and Mom.
He did not know if he could trust her.
But after a couple of minutes he walked over and had lunch.
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