Savannah, GA
March 2008
Stien's RV Park

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We had a warm spell two weeks before we left and I had a much easier time digging out the motorhome. This year there was only a short 2 foot high mound of snow and ice blocking the motorhome. I brought the motorhome home and purged the water system of antifreeze and loaded the tanks and pipes with fresh water.

But the week before we left the temperature dropped into the teens. So I had to quickly dump the tanks, blow the lines and reinstall antifreeze. We left NY with antifreeze in the lines, that was a first for us.

The trip down to Savannah was very peaceful. As usual, we watched the Gas prices drop as we headed south. But they are much higher this year.

Meeting Jeffery Joseph for the first time.
Where is the FOOD!

Resting with a full tummy.

Samantha showing her stickers to Olive.

JJ wondering who this strange lady is.

She has a soft lap so I guess I'll sleep.

Even grandpa has a soft tummy to sleep on.

No trip to Savannah is complete without a "Low Country Boil!"
Thanks Jeff.

Samantha waiting for the old people to sit down so we can eat.
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