Melbourne Beach, Florida

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Spring 2008 - Part A

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Here we are back at our favorite campground. We arrived the same day that the owner of our favorite site left for home. (We called 3 months ago to find out when they were leaving.)

When we left last November we noticed water seeping up between a crack in the cement. There was a break in a water pipe under the cement. The owner had all of the cement broken up and the water pipe repaired. Now there is new 8" thick cement.

Last yearís visitors were Chrisí family, Frankís family, Iris' family, and Pat & Ben. We donít even get that many visitors in Liverpool in such a short time!

This year Terri will be visiting. She hasnít been here for ages.

Notice the banana tree looking plants on the right of the Saturn.
They are Bird of Paradise plants and have white flowers.
From our motorhome we watch mockingbirds land on its flowers to
drink the rain water which collects in the flower's pods.

Mockingbird drinking from the Bird Of Paradise.
This picture was taken through the motorhome window,
the flash went off and partially reflected back.

Northern Mockingbird
They like to perch on high all through the park and sing all day long.
No matter where you are in the park it seems you can hear one singing.
And they never get tired.

Mom helping wash the Syracuse winter dirt off the motorhome.

Our 50th anniversary dinner. - The Charthouse.

One of our friends here is an avid fisherman.
He gave us this Pompano and told me how to cook it. (He cleaned it!) Mom was a little leery, since it still had the head on. But in the end we both enjoyed it very much.

Outdoor Resorts' Post Office

Mom showing off her Mothers Day flowers and mail.
She wants to wait for Mothers Day to open the mail!
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