Melbourne Beach, Florida

Outdoor Resorts of America

Spring 2008 - Part C

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We thought we have seen everything on the beach. But today we got to see a wedding.
A daughter of one of the owners wanted to get married on the beach.
So they had a nursery bring in some potted plants and set them into the sand.
They had a disk jockey playing music.

Getting ready for the wedding.
Since we were not invited I stood in back of the plants and took some pictures.

A close look at the buried plants.
Thats Mom and our friend Joan sitting in the chairs.

They thought they had good seats for the wedding.
But once the wedding party walked in everyone gathered around and blocked Mom's view.

The best man escorting the Mother of the bride.
Everyone is barefooted.

The maid of honor escorting the ring boy and flower girl.

Father of the bride escorting the bride.

The ceremony begins.
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