Melbourne Beach, Florida

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Spring 2008 - Part F

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Walking the beach every day I get to see a lot of birds. It seems that every year I see one or two which I have not seen before.

For the first one I had to take a picture out of the bird book to explain how it feeds.

Black Skimmer
The only bird who has a lower mandible longer than the upper.

Black Skimmers.

You can see the longer lower mandible better in this shot.
Notice its little tongue.

As I approached they opened their mouths.
I think they were trying to scare me.

These Black Skimmers and Royal Terns
were side by side for a week at the same spot on the beach.
Notice how the Black Skimmers stayed on the other side of the tracks.

Royal Terns squawking because I'm getting too close.

Laughing Gull

They squawk if I get too close also.

Laughing Gull in flight.
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