Melbourne Beach, Florida

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Spring 2008 - Part H

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While Terri was here there was little wind and surf.

I walk at least 2 miles on the beach every day. When we first came it took me 5-7 days to work up to the 2 mile mark. At high tide I only go 2 miles, at low tide I go about 2.5 miles. (At low tide the sand is almost like a soft sidewalk. At high tide you sink into the sand and it is harder on the legs.) Mom starts with me, we have a easy walk together and then she heads back when she gets tired.

Terri came on the long walks during the day. We also went on a 2 mile walk at night to look for nesting Sea Turtles. I think her legs were hurting the next day.

Terri & Mom before our daily walk.

Having a pleasent walk on the beach.

Saying goodbye to a Loggerhead Sea Turtle after she buried her eggs.
After burying the eggs she throws sand all over the place to destroy evidence of the nest. That’s why she has so much sand on her back and head.

Having a rest after the walk on the beach and a swim in the pool.

Enjoying a good book.

After dinner at the Coconut Cove Café, our favorite German restaurant.
The owner lives above the restaurant. Those are his fishing boats next door.
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