Melbourne Beach, Florida

Outdoor Resorts of America

Spring 2008 - Part J

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Today is our last day on the beach before heading north.
So here are the last of the beach pictures.
The days on the beach this spring were very peaceful and quiet.
We enjoy walking or just sitting listening to the surf while we read.

Our friend Emma sleeping while a Heron tip toes by.

There were about 30 Ibis which came over to say goodbye.

This was another first for me.
I watched the gull catch this fish in about 6" of water, lay it on the beach, and kept pecking and biting it. It would lay it in about 1Ē of water to make sure it was dead.

Itís time for lunch.
(Evidently, it only swallows dead fish.)

The best way to read a book.

Now this is very interesting. Rosemary knocked on the door our last evening.
She is Momís cousin on her fatherís side and has been trying to get in touch with us.
She is very interested in her family tree. She gave us a tree which she is developing and had a lot of old pictures.
I plan to put it into our tree format and see if Karen can make some corrections.
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