Shenandoah NP, VA
Big Meadows Campground - July 2008
Part A

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We havenít been to Shenandoah NP since the mid sixties. When we return home Iíll have to look up the exact year in our picture and movie albums. We remember hiking in the Big Meadows area and on the Appalachian Trail but canít remember the year. I guess that comes with old age!

We had mostly good weather - only one day of rain out of five days. Per my laptop GPS, our camp site is 3495 feet above sea level. The days were cool and we had to use the furnace every night. The day it rained we were continuously in and out of the clouds all day long.

The camp site we had reserved turned out to be very poor. Because they were not crowded we were given our choice of available sites.

We had a nice long site with no one around us.

The view out our front window on most days.

The view out our front window when in the clouds.

Every morning and evening the deer would roam through
getting their fill of grass.

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