Shenandoah NP, VA
Big Meadows Campground - July 2008
Part B

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Shenandoah NP is on the top of a ridge which runs north/south.
The 105 mile Skyline Drive winds through the park and has many scenic pull-offs for that “Kodak moment.”

This was the first application of the Civilian Conservation Corps, CCC. Between 1933 and 1942 over 10,000 men in the CCC virtually built Shenandoah NP.

Like all National Parks, Shenandoah NP has a good visitor’s center.
They have three very good movies which are shown at your request.
As we normally do, we viewed all movies and talked to the rangers about the various easy/moderate trails. Then we drove around and looked at the various sights from the car before heading for the trails.

One of the many view points.

Mom waited while I explored a short trail off the view point.

Mom figuring out where we should go next.

This guy crossed the road and ran into the woods.
I just had time to stop the car, get the camera out, put the window down, and take one picture as it ran into the woods.

On the Appalachian Trail.
I thought we could hike 0.5 mile on the trail to the next view point and then walk back on the road. When we got there we were about 60' below the view point with a near vertical climb. So we had to hike the trail back.

The Appalachian Trail is mainly covered with trees. Every now and then there is a break in the trees and you get a nice view of the valley.

Waiting to have a birthday dinner at Big Meadows Lodge.

After dinner - Mom talking to one of the kids while
watching the sunset at the Big Meadows Lodge.
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