Shenandoah NP, VA
Big Meadows Campground - July 2008
Part C

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Hiking in the park is like hiking in the Grand Canyon. You start by going a long way down, a lot of times on switch backs, and then you have to hike back up to get back to the starting point.

Heading down on the Dark Hollow Falls trail.
The trail is a 1.8 mi round trip and 543' vertical drop. Its like hiking down to the river at Letchworth from the campground. Easy for you, hard for us.

Resting on the way down
allows you to mark the good spots to rest at on the way back up.

It is a hot day but it feels good in the shade and a mild breeze.

Dark Hollow Falls
Now for the trip back up to the car.

Resting at the end of the Crescent Rock trail.

A view of the valley below.
During the Civil War the Confederate army came up from the valley below through this notch with 27000 men, their wagons & cannons to get to the valley on the other side.

Resting in the sun before going back to the car.
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