Carnival Inspiration - Family Cruise
Welcome Aboard

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It's finally here, the Family Cruise.
This was the one week this year which everyone could get together.
So after a 9 month wait and a couple of close calls all 46 are here.

Sailing on Carnivalís Inspiration to the western Caribbean.
Grand Cayman and Cozumel here we come.

Gathering at the Lido Deckís Port bar for a drink
to celebrate the exit from Tampa Bay.

It's hard not to smile with all of the excitement of sailing away.

We kept 3 bartenders busy giving drinks to anyone wearing the Mekkerfest shirt.
When they saw all the shirts the other passengers thought this was our private bar.

Toasting goodbye to Tampa.
Mom & I know where our kids are. But do they know where their kids are?
Most of the grand children are exploring the ship.
They promised not to leave the ship!

There is dancing on the Lido deck.
Lets zoom in and see who is there.

More mekkerfest shirts.
One of the best advantages with this cruise -
wherever we went on the ship we would see part of the family.

Having a quiet talk after the group left to get ready for dinner.

Max telling Uncle Chris not to worry.
This ship will not sink!

Watching action on the golf course.

Nate helping Uncle Frank find his lost ball in the rough.
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