Carnival Inspiration - Family Cruise
August 2, 2008 - Day One - Dinner

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Thanks to Sue Ws effort, we got a corner of the dining room to ourselves.
Four tables of 10 and one table of 6.

Then she made up a spreadsheet which was used to rotate everyone so they had a different table each night. In the end every family sat at least one time with each other family. Mom and I were the only ones not rotating. So we got to see everyone at our table. This forced some tables for 10 to switch to 9 or 11 and also move the highchairs around. It was a different pattern every night.

It was confusing for the waiters, but they quickly adjusted and did a superb job. We even saw them laughing and smiling. They just never learned every ones name. The head waiter just called me boss.

Our table guests for the first night.

Kenny explaining to the boys to eat as much as possible. It is all free!

There is nothing on the menu for JJ!
So I guess he will sleep until dad gets his food!

Where is the food!
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