Carnival Inspiration - Family Cruise
August 2, 2008 - Day One - More Dinner

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We were suprised on the first night with a 50th Anniversary Cake.

The cake was very delicious!
Marble cake, custard filled, whip cream frosting, fruit and chocolate on top.
I don't care for cake, but I had two pieces.

They spaced the candles too far apart.
Mom could only get 4 of the 5 candles out.

With one candle still lit, it was still our lucky night.
With all of our family here our wishes were complete.

Would you please cut the darn cake already?

Some fought to get the biggest piece of cake.

Others said they would share.

I would rather have cake than this stupid crayon!

Head waiter Denton recommending chicken.

Grace asking for a Big Mac.
The head waiter thinks she should eat on the Lido deck.
Faith says lets get this show on the road already! I'm hungry!!!
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