Carnival Inspiration - Family Cruise
Going Ashore

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We hit two ports this cruise, Grand Cayman and Cozumel.

At Grand Cayman we anchor out and take tenders into port. Most of us decided to head for Seven Mile beach. Some others were more adventurous and took some more exotic tours.

Mom and I have been to Cozumel 3 times before and looked forward to having lunch in a favorite Mexican restaurant near the foot of the pier. It has been 9 years since we were at Cozumel. When we arrived, there was a new pier and our favorite restaurant was now a large new shopping center. So we headed back to the ship for lunch and relaxed on a near empty ship.

On the pier at Grand Cayman.

On Seven Mile beach.
That is the Carnival Inspiration far in the bacground.

Little girls seem to keep their tongues out while playing.
Sienna must like the taste of salt water.

Samantha must like the taste of salt water also.
She is trying to empty the ocean into a hole.

Watching the kids play.

Zac has had Nate in a lot of pool water.
This stuff tastes awful!

This sand is better than that at Tybee Island.

This is great. Floating on a raft all afternoon.

Seven Mile Beach is fun for all ages.

Docked at the new pier at Cozumel.

Mom and I were lounging on the adult deck which is on the stern (it can be seen in the picture above.) It has lounge chairs with 4 inch thick cushions and large yellow umbrellas. It also has two hot tubs.
When we got up to leave I looked down on the pier and saw this group below taking pictures.

Smile. Grandma and I are watching.
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