Lazydays Rally Park

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You wait 9 months for the cruise and it is over already.

It was hard leaving the family. But we were fortunate that Luke had a late flight back to Rochester. We brought them to our motorhome here at Lazydays for the day. Lazydays is the largest RV dealer in the world and they have a nice RV campground. We are alongside over 2000 new and used RVís. So we get to walk around at our leisure and look at motor homes without being bothered by salespeople. All of them are open and connected to power with the AC on.

Luke and I walked around while Carolyn and Sienna had a nap.
Mom also found a unit which she really likes.
So I guess we have to start another envelope.

We spent most of the day in the large screened in pool.

The brown motorhome outside is used for their free driver training class. There is 1.5 hours of classroom followed by about a 15 minute drive
in a 40 foot class A for each student.They have many other interesting RVing related classes during the week.

Mom found her next motorhome.
Lets step outside.

Have veranda will travel.
Note the sliding glass doors.
The automatic awings are not extended. They are almost hidden.

It is 45 feet long and has a 650 HP motor.

You open this panel and push a button.
A 46" HDTV swings up to be watched while on the veranda.

Mom is not leaving until I promise to buy it next year!
It is only a little over $900 thousand, and change.
(I had my fingers crossed!)
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