Clearwater Marriott

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We spent an after noon at the Clearwater Marriott with the remaining family still in Florida. They made friends with the nephew of the manager. So they were able to get some free Jet Ski rides.

Watching the Jet Ski activitiy.

Victoria and Veronica going for a ride.

I wonder why Mom and Frank have worried looks.

OOPS! I guess you can't turn that sharp when going that fast!

He better pick them up before they get run over.

They had a good time. Even though they got dumped.

Here goes Johnny and Frankie.

Hey, this is fun!

Lets see if we can make a highspeed U turn!

OOPS, I guess not!

They made it back with the taste of salt water.

Fun in the pool. Faith get ready to go under.

Hey Bob. I think Grace wants to be next.

Maria's turn to go under.

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