Outdoor Resorts, Melbourne Beach, FL
August 21 to October 29
Around the Resort

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Our stay here is almost over and I have yet to update the Website.

We really enjoy being here. We do the same thing every day. Read the morning paper, work the crossword puzzle, work the Sudoku puzzle, walk the beach, sit on the beach and watch the ocean, swim in the pool, read a book, ride a bike, go to a restaurant and watch the sunset.

I try not to show pictures on the Website that are the same as last years. It gets hard not to.

Our favorite site. With our new car.

The Mockingbird likes to perch on high and sing.
He was here for about a half hour singing his heart out.

Visiting Emma & Jimmy
Jimmy just finished building their new patio.

Celebrating Emma’s birthday.
Emma served delicious Czech sandwiches.
Jimmy made a refreshing drink. Southern Comfort and Dry Vermouth.

Pier Lane at sunset on a cloudy day.
Every now and then a scene appears that you have to take a picture.

Mom taking in the setting sun over the Indian River.

Moon rising over the ocean.
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