Outdoor Resorts, Melbourne Beach, FL
August 21 to October 29
Sea Turtles

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Every year we get to see the sea turtle nests as we walk the beach. The peak nesting season is June and July but they nest from May through August along this part of Florida. They lay over 100 eggs and after approximately 55 Days the hatchlings emerge. The nests needs warm temperature for the turtles to hatch. Sex determination in hatchlings is also temperature dependent. The turtles try to nest up into the dune away from high tides and in the warming sun.

When Tropical Storm Fay passed by it eroded the beach and left this step for miles up and down the beach. The 200 lb plus turtle had to scale this wall to get to the dune to make her nest. Notice the level of the sand going back to the steps behind Mom.

As the turtle digs into the sand to make the nest it really throws sand. Notice the darker sand and how far it was thrown to the right of the nest. This nest was made the night before.

One more look at the sand level before the next storm.

Due to Tropical Storm Hanna, we had a week of high winds from the east and an extra high tide. It really did a number on the beach. The sand on the steps was the normal level of the dune. The lower steps were covered by the dune.

This is what is left of the turtle nest. Over the next week we lost another two feet of dune. I walk about 1 mile in each direction from ORA and have seen many nests vanish. About 100 nests have been lost due to erosion in this area alone.
Also the wall which the turtle must climb is impossible.
We were sad to see this, we only smile for the picture.

Once the nest gets uncovered the birds get to it.

One of the eggs which a bird had for breakfast.
Pardon my toe.

A baby turtle washed back on to the beach.
Unfortunately this one made it to the ocean only to die at sea.

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