Outdoor Resorts, Melbourne Beach, FL
August 21 to October 29

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The Osprey is one of my favorite birds. Over the years I have monitored their nests in a cell tower from the motorhome using binoculars. I kept my tripod set up on the dash of the motorhome to be ready to take pictures as the osprey returned to the nest with fish and ate or fed their young. Last year a second cell tower was set up but it is out of range for my camera. The old tower was to be removed but there was a family of osprey in the nest on top. They waited until this year and when the family left to go north they removed the nest and tower.

Walking on the beach I came across this Osprey
resting in a dead tree watching the ocean.

Getting ready to take the tower down.
He is cutting the straps which hold the cables to the tower.

Looking into the nest. The family is gone.

Starting to disassemble the nest.

And down comes the tower.

It is almost done now.

Now where am I suppose to stay?
They have no room in this condo!

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