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August 21 to October 29
White Ibis

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Another of our favorite birds is the White Ibis. Mom and I sit on the beach in ankle deep water for hours each day and just watch the ocean and the birds around us. The adult Ibis are almost pure white with black wing tips. Their orange beaks and legs really stand out.

They are usually in a group of 8 to 12 and spend the day digging for sand fleas. They make no sounds but somehow seem to communicate to each other because they seem to move in formation. At times, if one stands on the right foot they all stand on the right foot. They will slowly move up and down the beach looking for sand fleas. If we are in the way they will walk around us.

They are graceful in flight.

Watching the Ibis parade.

They seem to be waiting for directions to proceed.

They have to walk around us!

Here is an adult White Ibis with a yearling.
One thing we do not see in the spring is a yearling.
The White Ibis is almost black in the first year.

By next spring he will be White with orange beak and legs.

Flying away he shows a white stripe down his back.

He displays a white underside except for the wing tips.

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