Outdoor Resorts, Melbourne Beach, FL
August 21 to October 29
Beach Erosion

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This part of Florida got hit by two Tropical Storms.

First by Fay which passed directly over Melbourne Beach and stayed 48 hours just to the north. In the process it dropped 28 inches of rain. The beach erosion was not very bad. Maybe because the eye passed directly over the beach. As it came up from the south the winds were from the east (ocean). But after it passed over ORA the winds switched from the west. Westward winds have minimum erosion affect. So while it was setting north of ORA the winds did not have much affect.

The second Tropical Storm was hanna. It passed about 40 miles out to sea. Its winds forced much larger tides and waves. And that storm did most of the damage.

This was the erosion caused by Fay.
There are 5 turtle nests almost on top of the dune.
Notice: (1.) that the steps are sitting in the sand, (2.) where the dune ends and (3.) the left railing on the lower steps. Later it will be missing.

High tide is still eroding the dune and the Tropical Storm is not here yet.

After Tropical Storm Hanna passed at sea.
(1.) the steps no longer touch the sand.
(2.) the dune now ends much farther back and the nests are gone.
(3.) the left hand rail is missing and the left lower support.

This is the Sandy Shoes motel about a mile south of ORA.
Notice where the sand is on the steps in April 2008.

The sand level after Tropical Hanna.
The motel has men dumping grey sand down the dune every day using
wheel barrels. They are worried about loosing the pool and right wing.

Aug 25 -This house lost about 6 feet of lawn including the sprinkler system.
The stairs are being held up by the last support.
The next 3 supports on each side are suspended in the air.

Oct 10 Hanna went by and now the whole walkway has settled.
They also lost another 3 feet of lawn.
You can see where the sand level was on the supports by the dark color.

They raised it up and extended the supports with new 4x4's.

The Bridge to No Where!
The steps are just hanging in the air.

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