Cleveland, Ohio

Punderson State Park Campground

July 9-11, 2009

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We only spent three nights here. When we left we felt that we should have stayed much longer. We need more one-on-one time with everyone. But we did have a great time seeing and talking to everyone who we were able to see.

Mary Lee and Ron took us out to eat on the first night at Blazing Bills BBQ.
We had a good time getting up to date with our families.

For the second day we planned to have dinner at Uncle Elmer’s. But he broke his right arm (in three places) and could not make dinner. (Breaking his arm just a month after triple bypass surgery.) So Jim came to the rescue with his house and Tish making a great spaghetti and meatball dinner.

Elmer also arranged to have my best friend Joe and his wife Gloria over for dinner. I haven’t seen him or even talked to him since he ushered at our wedding, 51 years ago. MaryAnn who was with the group we hanged with back then also came over. She married Joe’s older brother 50 years ago. It was great reminiscing old times, had a lot of laughs.

We spent our last night with Karen and Steve. They are both doing much better. Steve was scheduled for surgery on July 15. We pray that everything will be much better for him after that operation.

Between all of the above we had a min-reunion with some of the other families who were also camping at Punderson State Park.

With Ron and Mary Lee outside Blazing Bill's BBQ.

With my best friend Joe.

The group Elmer got together for dinner.

Having appetizers on Karen & Steve’s back deck.

They installed a new electric operated awning.
It works and looks great. It has a sunscreen (not shown) which can be manually lowered vertically at the end of the awning.

Julie with her soon to be husband, Billy.

Taking a well deserved rest.
Elmer cooks tons of food and seems to feed whoever passes by.
He also has many gizmos for camping. It would take me all day to set up his campsite. He even knows where everything is located.

No campout is complete without a card game.

This was the best picture of Luke.
The first was with his mouth wide open and tongue out.

In deep discussion. Carolyn is trying to hide.

Burning the marshmallows - and enjoying it!

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