Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore - Part 2
Empire, MI
Sleeping Bear Campground

July 14-15, 2009

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The dune by the Michigan Overlook had warning signs that it was dangerous and should not be climbed. There is one dune (The Dune Climb) which was available to be climbed. It is only 150' high and not as steeply sloped. It also had a 3 mile trail which ended at Lake Michigan. Most people only climbed up to the top and turned around and came back to the parking lot.

From the parking lot the Dune Climb has a steep climb up about 100' and then a gradual climb for 50 more feet. From the parking lot you only see the first 100'

The Dune Climb - I'm off to climb the first 100'.
I asked Mom to stay back and take pictures.

Almost to the top.

Going over the top.
I did not know that Mom knew how to zoom the camera.

I made it! I'm on top with my arms raised.

On the way down.

I made it. How about some water?

On our second day we went into the small village of Empire looking for a post office. We found the post office and also a beautiful little public beach. We were surprised that it was free.The water is crystal clear and very cold. The kids don't seem to mind the cold.

The Sleeping Bear Dune is in the background.

The public beach had a nice playground complete with
climbing tower and basketball court.

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