Soo Locks
Sault Ste. Marie, MI
Aune-Osborn Campground

July 16-17, 2009

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Continuing up over the Mackinaw bridge and on to Michigan's Upper Peninsula. We did not stop at Mackinaw City. We probably should have, there is a lot to see here. Maybe for the next trip. We have reservations to being at Sequoia NP and cannot add any time. I guess we goofed. But we did see a 1 hour show on History Channelís Modern Marvels about the building of the Mackinaw Bridge.

It has been in the low 60's every day since we left Holland, Michigan. Except for the days we had here at Sault Ste. Marie (River Saint Mary). It has been in the high 50's during the day! I'm glad we have the heat pump on the motorhome! We have a good campsite. We can see the ships pass to and from the locks. Mom has been timing them. They blow one long blast as they leave the locks and take 4 and one half minutes to get to our campground. At night they are all lite up. The ships pass 24 hours a day.

Mom still has a hard time understanding why the days get longer as we travel north. She keeps saying it would be dark at home now but it is still light here!

Over the Mackinaw bridge and on to Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Getting ready to take a cruise on the St. Mary River and through the Soo Locks.
From the lower (L. Huron) side to the upper (L. Superior) side.

Going into the General MacArthur lock. (80 feet wide)
Constructed in 1943 to help transport raw minerals and goods in time of war.
Larger ships use the adjacent 110 foot wide Poe Lock, constructed in 1968.

The water level in the lock has been raised and the gates are opening to the upper level. A ship is approaching in the distance.

The Adam E. Cornelius approching the Poe Lock.

Part of our tour passed a large steel mill. Ships were off loading ore, and other minerals needed to make steel.

The sun came out but it is still cold and very windy.

We are headed back to the General MacArthur lock on the right.
The Adam E. Cornelius almost in the Poe Lock on the left.

The water level is down to the lower level and we are getting ready to leave the lock.

Our campground viewed from the tour boat.
The tour pier is on the right.

The Adam E. Cornelius passing our campground.

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