Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
Munising, MI
Munising Tourst Park

July 18, 2009

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We are now heading west on Michigan's Upper Peninsula. When we were in the Lower Peninsula we stayed on the west side of Michigan. We enjoyed looking at the clear water of Lake Michigan. Now we have the pleasure of seeing the clear water of Lake Superior. These two lakes are definitely the cleanest of the Great Lakes. When the sky is blue the waters of these lakes remind us of the Caribbean green along the shore line and blue of the deep water.

Driving in this part of Michigan is almost like driving in Canadas Yukon. The 2 lane road passes through very few towns and has very few cars on it. It has been cold and windy just like we had at times in the Yukon.

To view Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore (almost 40 miles of shoreline) you have to take a boat tour. Unfortunately, the high winds caused cancellation of the tours. But we did see a very small part of the shoreline from an overlook.

One of the few overlooks at Pictured Rocks.
Brrrr, today it's 53 degrees and 25-30 MPH winds.

The 40 miles of shoreline has many different colors of sandstone
and shapes carved by the water and wind over many years.

It is cold but we can still enjoy some of the view.
We just wish we could have taken one of the boat tours.

Using the telephoto lens we can see a couple of the caves.

The color of the sandstone changes as you get to the far side of this little bay. Around this peninsula there are several arches and bridges.

We are now inland and out of the wind.
It is warmer and we had a pleasant hike to these falls.

Enjoying one of the trails in the Upper Peninsula.

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